Auto Glass Repair Grand Rapids FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About Auto Glass Repair

To ensure your car’s good health you need to take care of its windshield. Windshields provide overall protection in case of a collision or bad weather condition. Taking care of your windshield means to promptly service it in case of cracks and chips.  Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about auto glass repair that people usually have:


How do I find professional auto glass installers?

There are a number of ways to find the right auto glass installers. You will need to research a little, however. Do a Google search and look at least those installers in your area that have a listing, review or a website. Read reviews if there are any. Also ask around among your friends, neighbors and colleagues whether they have already used some of the local auto glass installers and how happy they were with any work they had done there.

At Action Glass, we pride ourselves on being the best auto glass repair shop in West Michigan.  We’ll even come right to you to repair your auto glass right in your driveway or parking lot.

Find a professional who will keep you informed about the changes they will make. A professional who will tell you the pros and cons on repair vs. replacement for your windshield  is also someone who respects your needs and trusts you to make the right decision. That is the kind of professional you want – and the kind that we at Action Glass strive to be.

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I need to travel long distance, can I take my car out soon as it gets fixed?

No, it takes anywhere between a few hours and a whole day for your professional to fix your windshield even if it is just repair work.  Windshield replacement can take longer so ask them for cure times so you can plan accordingly.

How do I ensure quality work by a professional?

You need a professional who will inform you of all the safety measures they take to install your windshield safely.  Ask around and find a professional who is trustworthy and will replace or repair according to factory specification or better.   Action Glass is that professional auto glass repair shop.

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